Garage Doors

Faux Wood Graining on Garage Doors

The look and designs for garage doors can vary quite a bit.  Manufactures haven’t really given the consumer many options to replicate real wood, they produce stamped steal with raised panels with various paint colors.  This makes a perfect canvas to take it to the finish line!  Make it really look like real wood!

That is where we can give the door system a whole new look and curb appeal.  Our durable materials, matched with true renderings of what wood should look like.

Mastering the art took some time and energy in fabricating our own tools of the trade to give the look of real wood.  Real wood on garage doors has been used in the past, but with problems being exposure to the elements, manufactures have moved away from that technology.

Our application to replicate real wood are combinations of semi transparent 100% acrylic mediums.  We start with a yellow tinted primers and then clear acrylic layers tinting the hues, values and sheen’s to give the finish, the  desired look.  As there are many choices of woods to replicate, so can the finishes.  each door will have its own unique look.

                       Faux Wood Garage Door

Carriage style garage doors faux wood grained

in quarter-sawn oak

Custom cold cast bronze hinges


                    Faux Wood Garage doors

Faux quarter-sawn oak on garage doors with cold casted bronze hinges and pulls

Rustic Knotty Alder

Rustic Knotty Alder


We communicate with the owners to give them the look they want.

Each Panel is faux finished to replicate real wood

Each Panel is faux finished to replicate real wood


Knotty Alder with a rich hue leaning to red. We prepare all our materials on site to give the client the look they are seeking. We can match the garage doors to existing wood doors.



Faux Quarter-Sawn Oak on panels attached to a steel garage door gives it a unique look. Quite a bit more labor intensive.



Faux hinges added to make the door look like a carriage door



Heart grained techniques on a raised panel steel door. We developed rock graining tools to replicate this look so each panel has a unique look. A tool that was invented a long time ago, but they tended to give a generic repetitive pattern.  We have made quite a few that varies to give realistic patterns.







Fiber glass doors with a carriage look

The process starts out  with a mustard colored primer and masked out to give each panel graining as if it was made of real wood.

Metal garage doors with a yellow primer


Close up view, each panel is done one at a time to give it a real wood look



La Faux Cargo

A custom modification to a basic trailer. Casted panels attached and faux quarter-sawn oak, inside and out.