Faux Wood Grained

Transform Ordinary into Extraordinaire!

Faux Graining is an art form that has been practiced and improved over many generations of artisans. As technology in tools and materials has improved, the art in making the finished product look real has been perfected with our tools of the trade.

Many painters that do doors, rely on just brushes and different colors of paint to achieve  the wood look.  From a distance they may look impressive.  Up close they wont look quite as real.

That is where we differ in our techniques and material, to give the illusion they are real.

Our services has gone beyond conventional practices by inventing our own tools to replicate the most sot after effects on many kinds of  substrates.  Just about anything can be made to look like wood.  Real wood is great, but not always practical.  Most garage doors are made of stamped steel, with a wood stamped pattern.

We have taken it to the highest level of real wood, with the durability that will outlast factory finishes with our special priority mediums.  Special attention to durability with UV, fade resistant clear acrylic medium that we modify the sheen, transparency, hues, and values.  The finished look is unique to every door system we do.


Doors are primed with a rich mustard color.  Its like painting watercolors, reserve the lights, and build up the darks.  This reserves the rich highlights that natural woods have.


Our Process is Multiple layers to achieve the desired look.  Primed, grained, then the final top coat to give the hue, value, and transparency desired. Each job is custom mixed to the clients desires in overall colors. We have designed our own custom rock grainers, and other tools to achieve beautiful heart grain, oak, rosewoods, Knotty alders and clean simple looks.


Custom Panel transformation

This door system was a total makeover in re-designing the entire look.  It involved custom casted panels that where then attached to the stock metal doors.

Typical raised panel garage doors

Basic 8×8 metal doors.

casted panels overlay metal sections

Installed panels over steel is our own unique makeover process.



Custom casted faux hinges and pulls to give the door system a carriage look.

Open the doors to Innovative designs



Knot in a metal door

Damage to metal doors can turn into a knot


Heart grain on garage raised panel door