Entry Doors

Entry Doors with Faux Wood Finish

Entry doors make a statement with any home.  A nice wood door adds warmth and curb appeal to a home. We can add the warmth to any type of painted steel, fiber glass, and wood doors.  Matching the same look to garage doors is our specialty. Both will have the warm and charming look.  Below are a few doors we have finished to match garage doors.

Quarter-Sawn Oak on Metal door and side lites.

Quarter sawn oak entry wlQuarter-sawn oak over a fiberglass door.

The process to make quarter-sawn oak

Video below transforming a metal door and side lites


Metal doors are prone to getting dented. The image above is how we fixed the dent to look like a knot.  Knotty Alder wood is the perfect fit for a door with some damage. We actually added some dents for a real 3D look.

Knotty Entry Door 1

Clear Alder Door faux Knotty Alder

Alder Entry 2