Faux wood graining techniques vary by materials used and the artists talents.  We have designed and built custom tooling and techniques to give the finish, the most realistic look possible.

As artists differ in techniques  and materials, the basics in making real wood can be challenged by the expertise known, and the species of wood.  There are many products used to create faux finishes.  Some work and some don’t.  especially when they are exposed to the elements.  We  had to reinvent those materials.  Using state of the art outdoor acrylic mediums, we  modify the viscosity’s, colors, and hues for every job to give it the most durable, UV, moisture proof finishes possible.  When we first ventured into this art, we were learning by simple observation of prior arts and techniques.  We noticed quite a few projects failed by others attempting to create faux finishes.  Ours have proven durability with the test of time, they last and last. Actually factory paint finishes by door manufactures will dull and chalk in time.  Ours will keep the sheen that was applied for the lifetime of the doors.  Our process is liken to painting with water colors.  the canvas starts out yellow and builds up into the darks in grain techniques, then a semi transparent hue coat.  In all at least 3 coats are used, mastered by the artist, and tools needed to give the desired look.  Looks matter, and so does our clients satisfaction with the finished look desired.


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